Jim Dine was one of the original artists that defined American Pop Art in the 1960’s. 

Like Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol, Dine appropriated quintessential American images and icons.

He used these ubiquitous and familiar forms as the basis for bold and colorful compositions that flirted with abstraction.

Dine (b. 1935) is one of the only surviving artists from the group of artists that redirected American painting in the 60’s. 

His most cherished work are variations and explorations of the heart motif. 

In “8 Hearts / Look” Dine again demonstrates his dynamic use and understanding of color.

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Signed and dated by the artist in the plate.

Off-set Lithograph with metallic paper collage overlay.

USA, 1970

27"H 36"W (work)

Very good condition.

Note: While we have handled this work several times over the past few years, the examples we've had have always been mounted. This example from the edition was not mounted. As a result it is brighter and fresher.  



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