Charles Pachter (b. 1942) is one of the most collected and cherished Canadian artists. 

His iconic, uplifting and patriotic images have independently earned their place in the nation's museums and the Canadian art canon. 

While Pachter’s work shares some characteristics with Jim Dine, David Hockney and even Andy Warhol, his voice is resoundingly charming, singular, and uniquely Canadian.

The barn, along with Queen Elizabeth and the Moose, forms a triad of icons that Pachter has repeatedly visited over the course of his career. With these symbols, the artist probes at Canadian symbols and colonial histories. His series of Barns perfectly captures his characteristic graphic style, displaying a quintessential Canadian landscape that is recognizable around the world. While Pachter has explored the icon of the solitary barn, this large painting is striking for its fascinating and highly original palette.  

This work was included in our recent Charles Pachter exhibition, "The Barns Collection 2" Click here to see images.

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Signed and dated on the verso. 

Acrylic on canvas

Canada, 2017

48"W 24"H (canvas)

52"W 28"H 2"D (framed)

Excellent condition.



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