Big. Bold. Beautiful.

Those were the first words that came to mind when we first saw Vasa's latest sculpture.

We loved the form with its asymmetrical peak and confident wide body.

Like the best of Vasa's work, depending on how you position the piece, different colors will emerge, overlap or recede.

Similarly, depending on how you illuminate the piece, whether with natural light or electric from above - the colors take on different intensities with varying translucency.

"Award" is named as such as it resembles an award from a futuristic utopian society.

Vasa is a Senior Professor of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he has taught color theory for many years.

For nearly nearly 50 years he has been working in acrylics; whether on canvas or through sculpture.

Reward yourself and add this prize-worthy sculpture to your collection

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Incised signature and date by the artist. 


USA, 2013

11”H 6.75”W 1"D

Excellent condition.





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