Our first encounter with a Vasa Mihich sculpture blew us away. 

Standing over 6 feet tall, a thin upright plank composed of geometric planes of different color suspended in acrylic. 

The work created dramatic color shadows, and as one moved around the piece, different regions of color presented themselves, overlapped with another or disappeared. 

Vasa Mihich is a renowned artist who is known for his sleek, colorful and captivating acrylic sculptures. 

A senior Professor of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) he has worked in plastics for nearly 50 years. 

His work is very sought-after on the secondary market and hard-to-come by. 

Smaller editioned pieces are sold through a select number of the top museum gift shops: MoMA, the Art Institue of Chicago and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

Caviar20 is excited to offer two domestically proportioned "Baton" sculptures by Vasa Mihich, "Hawaii" and "Primary".

"Hawaii" is composed of yellow, tangerine and bubblegum-pink. Yet these colors overlap creating many many more.

"Primary" is composed of red, green and blue. A darker, more subtle and masculine example. 

Both stunning, captivating and exquisite examples of contemporary Vasa Mihich. 

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Incised signature and date by the artist. 


USA, 2012

12”H 2.5”W  

Excellent condition.

Sold separately. 



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