Vasa Mihich is a renowned artist who is known for his sleek, colorful and captivating acrylic sculptures.

His best sculptures are composed of geometric planes of different colors suspended in acrylic. 

The work creates dramatic color shadows, and as one moves around the piece, different regions of color presented themselves, overlap with each other or disappear. 

In this vibrant rainbow sculpture Vasa layers thick solid color stripes juxtaposed with thin, spaced-out stripes, and solid black on different sides of the rectangle. Each side takes on a new quality as the viewer moves around the work, engaging different colors, stripe patterns and lighting. Together these works showcase Vasa's mastery of this technique, and the ways in which different colors and patterns interact, creating dynamic color shifts as a unified work. 

Caviar20 has long championed Vasa Mihich; both his opened editioned pieces, his major sculptures and smaller vintage pieces. 

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USA, 2004

6”H 1.4”W  1.6"D

Excellent condition




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