Vasa Mihich (b.1933) is a renowned LA-based artist who creates dazzling sculptures in his signature material; laminated acrylic. 

After completing two degrees at the Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts, Mihich emigrated to America in 1960. In 1965, Mihich came into his own, abandoning the painted canvas and focused on using industrial materials in sculpture. By 1967, the artist was working with acrylic, which would become his signature medium. These sleek, colorful, and captivating acrylics facilitate an interactive viewing experience. Unlike some of his contemporaries working with the new various forms of plastics, Vasa did not work with moulds, but has a unique approach similar to stack lamination. 

Vasa has had a lengthy and productive career eventually holding a senior Professorship of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for over forty years.

“Malibu Triangle” is a quintessential example of Mihich’s exploration of shape and color. Vantage point and light source dictate the interaction of the bold purple and pink within the sculpture’s geometric form.

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USA, 2018

Incised signature and date

14”W 12"H 1.5"D

Excellent condition. 

Pictured with Josef Albers "WLS -1" 1966 and Sam Gilliam "untitled" 1969.



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