Isabelle Hémard’s aesthetic and palette are strikingly contemporary. This is somewhat in contrast to the influence and presence of biomorphic forms, evocative of avant-garde design and illustration of the 1950’s. While Hémard is one of the only abstract artists exhibited at the Walper Hotel, her work was eagerly included because of its uplifting, playful and intriguing compositions. One of the most successful elements of her work is the inherent thematic ambiguity. Viewers often have remarkably different readings of her work; how they interpret mood or identify figurative references. Great work allows diverse viewers to have this range of opinion.

Born in Dieppe, France Isabelle currently lives and works in Toronto. She received her M.F.A. in Rouen, France, and since 1986 has exhibited her work internationally. She has been recognized for her artistic achievements by both the Canada Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Her recent work has been exhibited at Loop Gallery, Toronto; Open Studio, Toronto; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Engramme Gallery, Quebec; and Acadia University Art Gallery in Nova Scotia to name a few. She has also exhibited in various international exhibitions in Peru, Brazil and France.

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Linocut, drypoint and stencil, from an edition of 3


17” x 40.5”

$1,600 framed