Caviar20 has long admired Lizz Aston's evolving career and body of work.

We are pleased to be offering her incredible creations. 

Aston's practice is inspired by the history and production of textiles and decorative arts. She frequently adopts an anonymous textile pattern, such as a hand-made lace doily or a macrame design, and then manipulates it digitally before creating a new contemporary descendant. These transformed and augmented patterns are then hand-cut on fine Japanese Kozo paper (aka mulberry paper). 

In "Lateral Optics" Aston presents an unadorned or nude intricately carved paper creation hovering over a treated sheet of dichroic film. This iridescent material is typically used in architectural settings. Depending on one's vantage point, and the environment in which the work is hung in and its light source, different colors and reflections appear on the film's dynamic surface. A dynamic and active range of cool present themselves and then recede including sky blue, magenta, lemon and electric violet. 

The central hovering form is an enhanced and exaggerated pattern from a turn-of-the-century lace fragment. To amplify the form's complexity and presence Aston elevates the cut-out with a structure of pins that create dramatic shadows and encourage additional movement from the dichroic film.  

In addition to several impressive grants, residencies and exhibitions, Aston has collaborated with or produced commissioned pieces for H&M, Holt Renfrew and 3M.   

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Signed on the backing by the artist.

Hand-cut Japanese Kozo paper and treated dichroic film

Canada, 2018

34"H  26"W (framed)

Framed with museum glass with specifications by the artist



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