Caviar20 is proud to be offering this distinctive Frank Stella work, one of the most sought-after pieces from the "Merce Cunningham" portfolio. 

Cunningham was a highly-decorated American dancer and choreographer, known for his boundary-pushing performances and collaborations with high-profile artists such as Robert Rauschenberg amongst others. 

Cunningham's relationship with New York City's most innovative artists led to the benefit portfolio that this work comes from. The sale of the portfolio raised funds for his eponymous school and dance company. The other artists included John Cage, Jasper Johns, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol.

"Fūrg" was created in 1975 and perfectly demonstrates Frank Stella's enduring appeal - the hypnotic arrangement of vibrant contrasting colors and geometric shapes. The rows of colored strips hint at the shape of a rectangle, albeit with a dip in the center. The strips alternative in color and length, seemingly at random. The multi-colored shape occupies only the bottom half of the print, leaving the top half empty. 

Stella's work references many of the key developments or movements in post-war American painting; geometric abstraction, color field painting and Minimalism.

Printmaking was an important part of Stella's practice since the mid-1960's. This work, demonstrates one of Stella's innovations as a printmaker - the illusion that the work was hand-colored or sketched with pencil crayons, when it fact it was realized with a special lithographic pencil created for Stella's printmaking ambitions. 

This work can be found in many important museums' permanent collections including the MoMA amongst others. 

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Signed, numbered and dated 1975 by the artist 

Lithograph and screenprint

From an edition of 100

17"H 22"W (sheet)

Excellent condition.

Printed by Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles

Published by Castelli Graphics and Multiples, Inc., New York




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