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Frank Stella (b. 1936) is one of our favorite 20th century artists- he disrupted Abstract Expressionism and ushered in a new era of painting that led to Minimalism, Hard Edge Abstraction, Op Art and even Conceptual art. 

Perhaps Stella's most radical act was the change of style he undertook in the late 1970's shifting from flat geometric abstraction to a dynamic almost "baroque" layering of textures, forms and color. He continues to work in this more exuberant style to this day. 

David Mirvish, the published of this very rare porcelain multiple, has a long and important relationship with Frank Stella. Mirvish exhibited Stella at his eponymous gallery in Toronto in the 1970s. Mirvish would also become one of the world's most important collectors/patrons of Stellas work. If you flip through the catalog of Stella's recent Whitney retrospective, you will notice that several major canvases are courtesy of the David Mirvish collection. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive and large scale collaborations between the two can be found in downtown Toronto - Stella created most of the decorative elements of the Mirvish-owned Princess of Wales Theatre which opened in 1993. The back exterior wall of the building is embellished with a dramatic and intricate mural also designed by Stella. 

In the year 2000 Mirvish and Stella joined forces again for a series of porcelain chargers with the artist's creations on the surface. This work, "Vortex Engravings #4" showcases Stella's current style and is a fine example of his dynamic aesthetic.

While this not a small edition, we have not been able to find another example that has come on the secondary market in many many years. 

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Titled, signed, and dated by the artist 

Numbered verso

Fine Bone China

12"H 12"W 1"D

Excellent condition.

Includes original box (minor wear)

Please note: All plates are food, dishwasher and microwave safe



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