Lizz Aston


Lizz Aston's practice is informed by the history and production of textiles and decorative arts.

In recent years the influence of nature (including flowers and semi-precious rocks), human interconnectedness, and the current sociopolitical environment has permeated her work. 

Like the best of Lizz Aston's work she begins by embracing an anonymous textile pattern, such as a hand-made lace doily, and then manipulates it digitally before creating a new contemporary descendant. These transformed and augmented patterns are then hand-cut on fine Japanese Kozo paper (aka mulberry paper) which are then painted, stained or dyed. 

This work was inspired by historical flower symbolism and Victorian floriography; where gifts of blooms, and floral arrangements were used as coded messages to allow people to express feelings that could not be spoken aloud in the Victorian era. Flowers were often worn or carried as accessories as a means of covert communication. 

Zinnia Elegans is the most common and beloved flower of the Zinnia varietal. A summer flower with a long-lasting bloom, Zinnia's are known for their brilliant and bright colors. (One of the final images shows the Zinnia flower)

Some symbology connected to Zinnias includes affection for friends, absence, remembrance and feelings from the heart. Zinnias were most commonly given to friends who have been absent for some time, as a going away present, or to say goodbye to someone of importance to you.

Additionally, Zinnias were the first flower successfully grown in space, outside the Earth's biosphere. Grown on the International Space Station (the ISS) in 2016, this process helped scientists to better understand how plants grow in microgravity.

Aston masterfully creates a color scale that begins with a radiant hot pink and ends with a luscious purple grape, merging into each other to create a  magenta-filled middle.  

To heighten the form's impact, Aston elevates the cut-out with an intricate structure of pins beneath the work, thereby creating dramatic shadows.  

To learn more about Lizz Aston's process click here for a video and studio tour produced by Canadian Art magazine. 

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"Zinnia Elegans"

Canada, 2020

Hand-cut, painted and dyed Japanese Kozo paper

Signed and dated on the backing by the artist.

19"H  18"W (framed)

Framed with museum glass according to specifications by the artist

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