Prolific and polemic, William Ronald (1926-1998) is one of the most accomplished, collected and contested artists associated with the Painters Eleven group. 

This watercolor, from the early chapter of his professional career demonstrates a vitality and dynamism that Ronald is renowned for. 

Ronald graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1951. Shortly thereafter he had his first significant stay in New York City, studying with the legendary Hans Hoffmann. (Lee Krasner studied for an extended period of time with Hoffmann during the same period)

This work is a paradigm of a young artist finding his voice. Ronald seems to adapt an approach similar to both Franz Kline and Al Held. The energy and confidence of form is exemplary of Ronald at his finest despite being from the beginning of his career. 

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Canada, 1953

Signed and dated by the artist

13.5”W 8.5"H (work)

25"W 19.5"H (framed)

Framed with museum glass

Very good condition




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