Nicholas Krushenick (1929-1999) was an American abstract painter whose unique and recognizable style encompassed the movements of Pop Art, Op Art and even Minimalism. 

Born in New York, Krushenick’s art career began in the late 1950’s alongside a generation of artists who were rejecting Abstract Expressionism as new movements emerged in art.

Around this time, Nicholas and his brother John Krushenick founded the artist cooperative ‘Brata Gallery’, which promoted artwork that was more optimistic, goofy, and even brash, often using pop-culture graphics.

Notable artist’s who showed with the Brata Gallery include: Yayoi Kusama, Al Held and Ed Clark amongst others.

In the 1960’s Krushenick began developing and ultimately refining his signature style which began with undulating forms outlined in black, often evoking semi-organic shapes. He would accent his works by using high-key and flat colors using liquitex paint.

By the mid-1960’s, this style evolved to feature circus-tent bands of alternating colors and flesh-like folds overlapping into optically recessive layers or rigid stripes. 

Although Krushenick’s works were most closely associated with Pop, his style was considered too joyful and lacking irony to fit comfortably with Pop Art, which was also predominately figurative. Although his use of bolder colors, lines inspired by illustrations, and use of abstract figurative forms still mark him as one of the original practitioners of Pop Art. Today, many would consider his works to be Pop Abstraction.

In 1977 Krushenick became a Professor at the University of Maryland where he would remain until 1991. Krushenick's artworks have gained immense recognition during the last two decades of his life, and after, for his singular style which straddled many movements, but remained entirely unique to him. Today, we can see his influence on an array of contemporary artists ranging from Carroll Dunham to Julia Dault. 

Krushenick’s works have been exhibited globally and are in the permanent collections of many of the most prestigious art museums including MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, Albright-Knox Gallery, Whitney Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and dozens of others. 

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Signed and numbered and dated 1980 by the artist. 

From an edition of 100

34.5"H 25"W (image)

Very good condition. 

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