While Motherwell is known as one of the most important and influential artists associated with Abstract Expressionism, he is also revered for his work and promotion of printmaking.

The inclusion of European cigarette graphics and labels from fine wines is one of the most distinctive aesthetic characteristics in his work. It also continues a tradition, established by Picasso and Braque during the heyday of Cubism, of incorporating the detritus of daily life into the artistic work. Where the Cubist’s incorporated collage into the painted canvas, Motherwell similarly developed a process of collage incorporated into print.
The “Summer Light Series” was a milestone print series for Motherwell in which his collaboration with Gemini studio in L.A. allowed him to reintroduce collage into his printing practice.
In “Harvest, With Leaf”, we see the results of the new creation process, where a hybrid of lithographed print and collage would be collapsed into one print. Motherwell’s highly textured paper, seen here and in the rest of the series, would be accompanied by hand torn found materials. In this print, the vibrant coloured base, an icon of the series, is adorned with the packaging of German cigarette brand, "Ernte 23"
As a result of Motherwell’s close attention to his studio works during the printing process, his works in all mediums were reference points for the prints. As such, his prints retain the artistic gesture of Abstract Expressionist painting in the ripped collaged papers and heavily textured bases.
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"Summer Light Series: Harvest, With Leaf"

Color lithograph with colour photo-offset collage.  

USA, 1973

Signed and numbered by the artist

From an edition of 54

Printed at Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles  

38.5"H 20"W (work)

Very good condition

Note: this work is made with handmade paper and has deckled edges and a strong texture. 



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